Roy Huntsman, Esq.
Attorney Profile

Mr. Huntsman has a varied background. He grew up in a small farming community, working in orchards and dairies. In his youth, he worked as a dishwasher and busboy, in construction, vending, tire re-treading, and as an oilfield roustabout. He was a missionary in Hong Kong, where he learned to speak Cantonese. He studied Mandarin in college and spent a summer studying in Taiwan. While in college, he worked full-time as a mental health worker to pay his way. Mr. Huntsman subsequently worked for Los Angeles County as a sheriff’s deputy. He attended law school and passed the California State Bar exam while working patrol.

Now, Mr. Huntsman is a consumer attorney. What does that mean? It means he fights for the little guy. He relates to those who have little or nothing. He respects those who work for what they get. He honors the rights and protections memorialized in the Constitution. Mr. Huntsman is against “Tort Reform”. It is slick political marketing for those who would steal away the individual protections and freedoms contained in the Constitution. Individuals who support Tort Reform will give away their birthright to a system of justice that works, for one that is designed not to work.


B.A. Economics/Asian Studies, Brigham Young University (1986)
J.D. Ventura College of Law (1996)