Some of the most common causes of traffic fatalities in California

California is not immune to traffic fatalities. In fact, the west coast state experienced 3,602 traffic fatalities in 2017. Deaths occur on the roads of many cities in California including cities like Oakland and San Diego. The causes for these fatalities are often preventable yet they still happen. People who have lost loved ones due… Read More

What qualifies as a wrongful death claim?

Anytime a human being dies as a result of someone’s misconduct, deliberate actions, or negligence, the victim’s family should consider whether they should sue for wrongful death. Families struck by such tragedy suffer lost human relationship as a result of wrongful death, and may receive just compensation. What qualifies as a wrongful death claim? This… Read More

How to Begin Your Accident Compensation Case

After being injured in an accident that was caused by the carelessness or negligence of somebody else, you’re eligible to seek compensation for your damages. That process starts at the scene of the accident. That’s where you’ll want to have your physical condition evaluated and stabilized by paramedics. From there, the paramedics can transport you… Read More

What do you do if you’re hit by semi-truck

Semi-trucks cause a great deal of damage in the event of an accident. Semi-truck crashes can happen anywhere on the road whether it’s in San Luis Obispo or San Francisco. Types of damage you may experience include vehicle damage and physical injuries to your body. The physical injuries you experience from a semi-truck can lead… Read More