Huntsman Injury Law is a California personal injury law firm.

We accept all types of personal injury claims, including truck collisions, automobile collisions, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, slip & falls, and trip & falls. If you have another type of personal injury accident, call us to see how we can help you. Huntsman Injury wants new personal injury cases.

We know the medicine and handle all types of injuries from typical neck and back injuries to less common chronic pain syndromes, brain injuries, personality changes, hearing or vision loss. If you have an unusual injury and your attorney or doctor does not understand what is happening to you, call us and let us try to help you find the answer. Call Huntsman Injury Law for a second opinion on your case – no obligation.

Huntsman Injury Law has handled cases against insurance companies, governmental agencies, corporations, companies, and individuals. We have handled train, plane, and boat accidents. If you have a claim, call us.

Huntsman Injury Law has represented children who have been abused, or wrongfully removed from families by DCFS or law enforcement. Huntsman Injury Law will fight for children who have been harmed by others.

If you already have an attorney, but are not confident that your needs are being met, call us.

Huntsman Injury Law has a long history of fighting for the developmentally disabled in civil, criminal, probate, and mental health courts. We have practiced elder law for nearly twenty years and have successfully dependent adults who have been abused or wrongfully taken from their families. We fight for the weak and those who have been victimized.
Huntsman Injury Law is a California trial firm.

Roy Huntsman is a California Personal Injury Attorney who will go to trial for his clients.
If your attorney wants to refer you to a “trial attorney”, call us. You do not have to go where others want you to go – you may choose your own trial attorney. Call Huntsman Injury Law for a free and easy consultation.